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Spiritual almanac book

A Year of Living Mindfully




Afmeting: 18,8 x 13 x 2,5 cm

256 pagina's


With this beautiful little book as your guide, use the seasons to connect with yourself and the world around you. Ideal for all spiritual explorers, this friendly guide is full of simple, thought-provoking, bite-sized snippets of information. Each month, discover fables, crystals, essential oils, flowers, affirmations, meditations, recipes, yoga poses, and rituals and activities for kindness, eco action, creativity and connection, with each entry perfectly attuned to the season. Uncover fresh perspectives and soul-nourishing activities that will help you enjoy a mindful year. Slow down, breathe, and discover the true fulfilment of a more connected life.

Spiritual almanac book

€ 20,00Prijs
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