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These special Moroccan amber cubes, composed of plant extracts, are made according to an age-old traditional recipe are 100% natural and organic. Vegan and cruelty-free. Wonderfully aromatic that intoxicates the senses with a wonderful fragrance. 

Put them in your wardrobe, between the bedding, in the bathroom or wherever: they perfume every room. You can also use them in a perfume burner. If the scent wears off over time, scrape off a few layers and the scent will come back.

Fragrance cubes are brilliant aromatic agents that intoxicate the senses with magnificently rich aromas. Scent  cubes are also used spiritually for meditation, healing, purification, happiness, love and passion and spiritual balancing.


marrocan scent cubes

€ 8,00Prijs
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