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What we do

Classic Circle, is a store within a store. Our goal is to invite our tattoo and piercing community into our circle.

The circle is a place were you can redefine yourself. Get acquainted with your spiritual side. We offer a fine range of selected spiritual items, like healing stones, tarot decks, herbs, and books. We also offer a space for workshops and gatherings for like minded people. 


"Our motto is Learn. Heal. Grow. Shine"

What if two people had an encounter, at a weird place, at the right time? Wouldn't that be considered faith ? We think it is! Sometimes you just find that perfect person, and then you know it was ment to be. Bho had just sold her business, and Sharon needed a manager. It soon became clear that both had the same ambition, interest and passion for all that the spiritual world has to offer. So the joined forces, and classic circle saw life. Our dream is to provide the classic community all things necessary for a richer and fuller life. Filled with beautiful spiritual experiences. We welcome you to step into our Circle.

Our Story



Sharon Looy has been a piercer, jewelry designer and entrepreneur for almost 25 years. After setting up three shops in Amsterdam en Rotterdam, she has now founded a new store within a store, Classic Circle. This Circle is a place where like-minded people can find a precious variety of spiritual items, handmade jewelry and a sense of wholeness.


Bho Roosterman

Bho Roosterman, started her career as a costume designer for film and tv. After almost 25 years in the industry, she decided to dedicade her life to her other passions, embroidery, tattoo and tarot. 

sinds the beginning of this year Bho is working at Classic Circle, where she is responsible for all manager duty's.

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